Fresh Watermelon Specification :




 Sugar Queen, Namdhari, Black Boss.

 Net weight

 5 kg, 7 Kg 

 Gross weight

 5.2 kg, 7.2 Kg 

 Packing Type

 As per customer requirement.

 Shipping Documents

 Invoice, Packing List, Bill Of Lading, Certificate Of Origin

Load ability

 1x40ft Container Can Loadable 20 to 25 tonne

Mode of Payment Terms

 100% TT Or LC

Delivery Time

 7 To 10 Days From Date Of Advance Payment Received

Port of Loading

Nhava Sheva

Supply Capacity

 Monthly 10 X 40 feet Containers Can be Loadable.

Presently exporting to 

 Iran, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar. 

Pre-shipment Inspection

 According to the specifications of the Export Promotion Council and as per customer requirement for Weight & Quality. Inspection costs will be paid by the buyer.

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Health benefits of watermelon:

August 3rd of every year is considered watermelon day and is the best fruit that you can take on your picnics or backyard parties. Other than being sweet and juicy, this healthy fruit is said to be loaded with health benefits that can do good to your health. Here are some health benefits of consuming watermelon.

1. Keeps you hydrated:

This healthy fruit consists of 92% water and this means that you are consuming fewer calories and with a lot of food. This fruit has the capability to curb your dehydration and this means that you need to add this to your weight loss diet. Staying hydrated most often can prevent you from mouth dryness and is good for cardiovascular health. Staying hydrated will keep your body cool during high summers. It will cleanse your body and keep your skin healthy. So, all you need to do is just consume one cup of watermelon every day and you will be good to go.

2. Helps in blood sugar management:

This juicy fruit helps your kidneys convert L-citrulline (amino acid) into L-arginine (amino acid). In fact, these two amino acids have a tendency to protect you from diabetes. Medically speaking, the L-arginine supplement that watermelon has is crucial for regulating glucose metabolism and insulin by the body.

3. Aids in weight loss:

In case you are wondering how to reduce weight naturally, then don’t miss out on adding this healthy fruit to your weight loss diet. Since this fruit consists of mostly water, it gives you a feeling of fullness and this will curb your appetite from snacking on your favorite food. So, if you are looking to get on the lighter side, then you need to make a point to add this juicy fruit to your weight loss diet.

4. Helps to prevent cardiovascular disease:

Lycopene is a substance that is found in the watermelon and this gives the fruit its reddish color. Even tomatoes have this substance, but did you know that this substance is found more in watermelon than in tomatoes? Well, lycopene can reduce cholesterol and thereby reduce your risk of developing heart-related diseases. All you need to do is to consume one cup of watermelon daily and this will do the job.

5. Decreases severity of Asthma:

Watermelon has a good source of vitamin C which is responsible for reducing the effects of asthma and this could mean that you could be fighting some of the severe effects of asthma with just one cup of watermelon daily. Moreover, asthmatics with low levels of vitamin C tend to experience more asthmatic symptoms and thus watermelon is a great recommendation if you are battling with one such disease. In simple terms, watermelon has about 40% of vitamin C that is good for asthmatics.

6. Reduces dental problems:

Consuming one cup of watermelon every day can prevent you from a periodontal disease which is a condition that affects about 25% of the world’s population. This disease is characterized by tooth loss, infection and is also linked to other heart diseases. The major substance that reduces the adverse effects of periodontal disease is vitamin C. So all you need to do is just add some watermelon to your everyday diet and this will do you good.

7. Fights inflammation:

One of the most common forms of inflammatory diseases that most people currently face is inflammation that is the cause of many serious diseases. These diseases include heart disease, cancer, and fibromyalgia. Inflammation has loads of problems that most face today and fighting this disease is something that needs to be taken as a precaution. However, one simple way to fight this sort of inflammation is by simply adding watermelon into your everyday diet.

8. Good for nerve function:

Watermelon has a rich source of potassium that can regulate nerve function. In more simple terms, it facilitates electric impulses and messages. You need to keep in mind that less potassium in the human body can cause numbness and tingling. So if you are suffering from leg cramps in your leg, then this may be the cause of low potassium in your body. All you need to do is just sip a glass of watermelon juice.

9. Prevents heat strokes:

Heatstroke is a dangerous problem faced by many people in the US. However, this condition can be life-threatening such that is marked by fever, and the body’s temperature regulates extremely high temperatures. Watermelon contains electrolytes that can prevent heat strokes. All you need to do is just sip some watermelons juice and this will keep your body cool and help regulate body temperature.

10. Good for kidneys:

The human body is exposed to a sum load of toxins from food including the air we breathe. However, these toxins are flushed out by your kidneys, and in order to keep your kidneys healthy and functioning well, you need to drink 1 glass of watermelon juice every day. The main nutrients in watermelons are calcium and potassium that help in fighting toxins and flush them away from your body.

History of watermelon:

Now that you know that this fruit is good for your health, there are some interesting facts during the period of this healthy fruits history. The first watermelons were said to have appeared in South Africa about 5000 years ago. During 2000 B.C. this fruit was cultivated and became an everyday food in ancient Egypt.

One of the earliest proofs that existed was in the form of hieroglyphs on the buildings that state that the ancient Egyptians cultivated watermelons. Even the Bible mentions this healthy fruit being consumed as a staple food that was consumed by the Israelites.

From Africa, this fruit made its way into Europe where it was successfully grown during the 7th century. Later it made its way to China during the 10th century and currently China is the largest producer of watermelons in the world. Currently, there are 1200 different varieties of watermelons all over the world that are grown in 96 different countries.