Fresh Okra :




Shakti, Sahiba.

Net weight

4 Kg Per Carton.

Gross weight

4.5 Kg Per Carton

Packing Type

As per customer requirement.

Shipping Documents

Invoice, Packing List, Bill Of Lading,

  Certificate Of Origin



1 Air Container Can Loadable 3.5 tonne.

Mode of Payment Terms

100% TT Or LC



7 To 10 Days From Date Of Advance Payment


Port of Loading

Mumbai Sahara Airport.



Monthly 10 Air Containers Can be Loadable.

Presently exporting to 

Iran, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UK, Sweden, France, Italy Etc.


Pre-shipment Inspection

According to the specifications of the

  Export Promotion Council and as per customer requirement for Weight &

  Quality. Inspection costs will be paid by the buyer.


Health Benefits

Okra is low in calories but packed full of nutrients. The vitamin C in okra helps support healthy immune function. Okra is also rich in vitamin K, which helps your body clot blood.

Some of the other health benefits of okra include:


Fight Cancer

Antioxidants are natural compounds that help your body fight off molecules called free radicals that can damage cells. Free radicals are most well known for causing oxidation damage, which can eventually lead to cancer. 


contains antioxidants called polyphenols, including vitamins A and C. It also contains a protein called lectin which may inhibit cancer cell growth in humans. Studies using concentrated compounds from okra showed they inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells by up to 63%. Further research is needed for definitive proof of okra’s cancer-blocking properties.


Support Heart and Brain Health

Polyphenols decrease your risk of heart problems and stroke by preventing blood clots and reducing free radical damage. The antioxidants in okra may also benefit your brain by reducing brain inflammation.


Mucilage—a thick, gel-like substance found in okra—can bind with cholesterol during digestion so it is passed from the body. An eight-week study conducted on mice showed lower blood cholesterol levels after they were fed a high-fat diet containing okra powder. 


Control Blood Sugar

Various studies have shown okra may help control blood sugar levels. Researchers believe okra may help prevent sugar from being absorbed during digestion.


In one study, rats who were given purified okra and liquid sugar had fewer blood sugar spikes than rats in the control group. More evidence is needed to confirm that okra helps control blood sugar levels in humans.


Prenatal Support

One cup of okra has 15% of the daily value of folate, a helpful nutrient for pregnant women. Folate helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects, which can affect the brain and spine of developing fetuses. 


Controls Blood Sugar

The presence of high content of soluble and insoluble fibers and a low glycaemic index of 20, makes okra or bhindi an ideal choice of vegetable to control blood sugar spikes. 


The fibre in Okra helps in stabilizing the blood sugars by delaying the gastric emptying of the sugars. It has been proven by studies conducted over the years, in vitro and in vivo, confirming okra has the potential to lower blood sugar.


Prevents Migraines

Okra turns out to be the best vegetable that can prevent migraines. A key nutrient to cope with migraines is to increase magnesium intake, which many people find a difficult task. A 100-gram serving of okra provides about 9% of your daily recommended intake of magnesium, makes it a simpler goal to meet. 

Adequate hydration is another factor that helps in preventing migraines which okra can help with too, as the mucus-forming fiber holds the water and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.


Promotes Gut Health

The richness of fiber in Okra is really appreciated factor that promotes gut health. The fiber adds bulk to the food and helps it to move smoothly through the intestine. 

This promotes the regularity of the bowel and reduces gastrointestinal issues like -bloating, cramping, constipation, and flatulence. Also Read: Bloating: Try These Kitchen Wonders To Soothe Bloated Tummy


Promotes Vision

Okra the powerhouse of Vitamin A and antioxidants like beta carotenes, xanthein, and lutein are powerful compounds that destroy free radicals responsible for cell degradation and vision. A regular intake of Okra in your diet can protect your eyes from macular degeneration and cataracts. 


Good For The Immune System

The goodness of antioxidants in Okra and the high Vitamin C content makes it very potent to ward off free radicals and boost the immunity. The vitamins can enhance the functioning of the immune system, produce white blood cells, and combat foreign pathogens that weaken the immune system.


Boost Memory

The goodness of essential nutrients in Okra that include phosphorus, omega 3, and omega 6 fatty acids helps to boost memory. It is the best choice to improve memory and brain health. Soak 3 to 4 chopped okra in a cup of water, drink this okra water first thing in the morning to improve your memory.


Okra is indeed a nutrient storehouse with a spectrum of beneficial effects on health. It is very low in calories, easily available all year round, and can be prepared in many ways and added to a variety of Indian recipes like gravies, curries, crunchy fritters, and sambar, in the form of a tasty vegetable to relish.