Fresh Drumsticks Specification:








PKM 1, PKM 2, ODC.


Net weight


4.5 Kg per carton box


Gross weight


  5 kg per box


Packing Type


Corrugated Carton Box. 


Shipping Documents


Invoice, Packing List, Bill Of Lading, Certificate Of Origin



1x40ft Container Can Loadable or 1 X Air Cargo Container

Mode of Payment Terms


100% TT Or LC at Sight.

Delivery Time


7 To 10 Days From Date Of Advance Payment Received

Port of Loading

Nhava Sheva Or Mumbai Airport.

Supply Capacity

Weekly 10x40feet Containers Can be Loadable

Presently exporting to 

Iran, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia,Qatar. 

Pre-shipment Inspection


According to the specifications of the Export Promotion Council and as per customer requirement for Weight & Quality. Inspection costs will be paid by the buyer.


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Drumsticks Health Benefits:

We might not know of them, but there are plenty of Indian superfoods stocked up in our pantries and kitchens. Drumstick is probably one such vegetable that is not only loaded with high nutritional benefits but also super healthy for you.


Drumsticks also called moringa are indeed a good addition to your diet.

The most common way a lot of us have consumed drumsticks is with meals. However, if you must know, there are plenty of other ways to include them in your diet and reap all benefits.

We explain to you the multiple health benefits, nutritional profiles, and the best ways to consume them on a regular basis.

Nutritional profile

According to nutritional guidelines, a 100 g serving of moringa leaves contains the following helpful vitamins and minerals

Vitamin A: 6.78 mg

Thiamin: 0.06 mg

Riboflavin: 0.05 mg

Vitamin C: 220 mcg

Calcium: 440 mg

Calories: 92

Carbohydrates: 12.5

Fat: 1.70 mg

Fiber: 0.90 mg

Iron: 0.85 mg

Protein: 6.70 grams

Apart from these, drumstick leaves (and extract) also contain helpful trace minerals like potassium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous.

It should also be noted that the nutritional profile can also slightly vary if moringa is consumed in the form of dried leaves or capsule form.


What are the benefits of having moringa leaves regularly?

Moringa tree, as per traditional knowledge is considered to be a ‘miracle tree’, since all the parts of the tree, including leaves, fruit, sap, bark, oil are quite helpful and have many uses. The extracts also contain rich medicinal properties, which is one of the reasons why it has been used therapeutically and recommended to be added to a diet.

Here are some of the potent health benefits of moringa which will convince you to eat them


If you are looking for one food that carries the goodness of all-powerful vitamins and minerals, look no further than moringa.

As mentioned above, not only do drumsticks boast of an extremely varied nutritional profile, the nutritive values can leave behind other healthy foods like carrots, oranges, and even milk!

From folate, calcium, potassium, niacin (B3), vitamin B6, and thiamine, moringa also weighs low on fats and carries no bad cholesterol.


According to multiple researchers, moringa can be one food that can actively protect the liver against oxidation and damage. Studies say that moringa extract helps the liver stay protected from the damage caused by anti-tubercular drugs, and may even aid recovery. It is something patients suffering from liver diseases and the ones in their old age must consume.


While a lot of fruits and vegetables help aid digestion, the medicinal properties of moringa leaves can help treat certain stomach problems and disorders, including constipation, colitis. The reason? The many antibacterial and antibiotic compounds found in moringa, which help stop the growth of pathogens and infection-causing germs.

Not just that, the rich fiber and Vitamin B profile also aids digestion and keep problems away.


According to a lot of medical experts, the medicinal properties of drumsticks may also prevent certain cancers from developing, and treat them as well.

Moringa also contains a helpful compound called niazimicin, which may also suppress the development of cancerous cells in the body.


If you are looking for an all-natural supplement to make your bones healthy, moringa is the one food you need to eat.

Moringa contains a high concentration of potent minerals like calcium, phosphorus, zinc which can keep the bones and joints healthy as you age.

In fact, there are also several anti-inflammatory properties in moringa, which can help treat conditions like arthritis, treat and take care of damaged bones and ligaments.



Here’s another benefit of chomping on moringa leaves. Drumsticks contain powerful antioxidants and nutrients which are known to prevent cardiac complications, heart ailments and even cut down the risk of cardiac problems if consumed regularly. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy heart, start consuming moringa leaves, along with other heart-healthy foods from the right age.


Moringa is also beneficial since it helps balance out blood glucose levels in the body, helping people who suffer from diabetes.

Studies have also detailed that diabetic patients who consumed moringa leaves (or extract) regularly had better-improved hemoglobin function, protein content and had their blood sugar levels in check.


Some researches have shown that consuming moringa extract regularly can help lessen down the severity or seriousness of asthma attacks in patients suffering from respiratory disorders.

Apart from this, moringa has also been associated with reducing many respiratory obstructions, promoting better lung function, and improving breathing function, overall.

There’s also growing research that says that regular consumption of moringa leaves, the miracle Indian superfoods can also help maintain blood pressure levels, protect against several kidney disorders, improve eye health, support healthy skin and help treat problems like anemia and sickle cell disease.

Are there any side effects you can experience?

While it is hailed as an all-natural superfood, there can be some contradictory benefits if you do not moderate your consumption.

Some benefits say that moringa may have some anti-fertility properties which may not suit reproductive women. If you are planning a baby or expecting a child, consult with a doctor beforehand.

However, do remember that the overall side-effects of moringa, in any form tend to be on the lower side, and the pros outweigh the cons.


If you are consuming moringa supplements, such as tablets or powder, do remember to cross-check the label on the back of the product first, and follow the exact dosage instructions specified on the product. Overdoing consumption may do you no good.


Apart from this, there are some researchers which say that moringa’s medicinal properties may interfere with some medicines, such as the ones used to treat thyroid, liver diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Therefore, if you have pre-existing conditions, do check in with a doctor first before you start consuming moringa.